Welcome, I'm Lisa!


Art and yoga are the ways I feed my soul, it's how I get out of my head and get into a state of flow.


ART I've created art since since I was a little girl, hours of drawing and painting, creating my own little world, entering into a state of flow. You know that state, when two hours pass but it feels like 10 minutes. As I grew up I never lost my love for art and eventually went on to earn a Graphic Design degree in 1993. After a decade in the design world I decided I wanted to paint and acrylics would be my medium. I'm not sure how I decided this because I had never painted with acrylics before, I guess it was a download from the universe?. I've always tried to listen to my intuition, notice synchronicities and be open to new possibilities, which eventually led me to become a yoga teacher.  


YOGA I took my first yoga class on a whim12 years ago at my YMCA. Honestly, I didn't love it, I couldn't touch my toes and the poses felt awkward, but I kept going to class because I loved sinking into Savasana at the end. I started attending yoga regularly and so many shifts started to occur, my body became flexible and strong, my mind began to quiet, I found calm, restful sleep, less stress, and the gift of patience, which I needed as a mother of two little kids. The effects yoga had on me were so profound that I knew I wanted to teach and share yoga. As an introvert this seemed like an impossible task but through many synchronicities and nudges from the universe I finally listened and in 2015 I enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training. I began teaching after graduation, and although scary at first my courage grew, I found my voice and fell in love with teaching. In 2018 I enrolled in another teacher training, and I'm now a 500 hour certified yoga teacher.


My teaching style encourages students to explore their breath, to observe their mind and body without judgements or expectations, and to fully embrace themselves where they are and as they are, whole, complete, and radiant.


I would love to share yoga with you through private one on one sessions, group classes over Zoom, or through one of my on demand classes. 

 Reach out to me with any questions at    

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